[Way of Divinity]

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Way of Divinity

After Era 3 the intensive research of how badges work was started learning all badges come from a pure version of Melogra that fused with the world's own divinity. They also found out that it would be obtained in many ways beside simply gathering badges but all follow the same principles as a badge. 
Anything that comes into contact with divinity and is successful with fusing with it creates another sentient being that holds abilities and their mind that are able to be shared to the user. This is known as the "Golden Link" a perfect sync of both beings harmony.
Ways to obtain divinity(Divine Beings):

Badges are the primitive way of obtaining divinity. Sentient beings that have been created into small badges able to be switched out with others if needed.  These can be stolen and passed down.

Those who come into contact with divinity physically are marked on the body like a tattoo. Both beings share a mind but are separate in all other ways. This can be passed down through bloodline, but the ability given changes either to a higher or lower degree. can only be merged with another marking or badge to create a new badge.

Divinity Being Ranks: 
Max Level before ranking up: 5
Win: +1 Level, Lose +0.5

These are ranked by their complexity to master along with how sentient the being becomes. To Rank up , the user must either combine two other Divine Beings to create a new one or master it entirely and evolve it into something new.

Melogra Stats: ( Current Damage of Rank of Divine Beings x2)
Bio: These beings have been corrupted by Dark melogra allowing them to go beyond their set limiter, but these badges cannot rank further or be merged together with another Divine Being.

Phantasmal Stats (150 Shield, D20)
Bio: These Divine beings are referred to as Gods. If one has been able to live through the extreme pain of being linked and the being consuming their own soul will obtain powers beyond even dimensional beings. Anything is truly possible by possessing one of these Divine Beings.

Legendary Stats (125 Shield, D10)
Bio: These Beings have transcended their user and can become rouge either killing or abandoning their user to live their own life. Centuries old and filled with their own Wisdom and knowledge require an immense amount of effort to use. These beings can create futuristic Human Sentients and can form countless clones of itself or even form a whole civilization of completely different sentient life all on its own.

Master Stats (75 Shield, D8)
Bio:  These Beings are more complex than their earlier ranks depending more on themselves than their user. They will act out on their own logic and emotions than listen to their users wishes. These beings are decades old and can create a multitude of forms for themselves or create more bodies. They function without a user to wield them making them pose a severe threat to ordinary civilians.

Advanced Stats (50 Shield, D6)
Bio: These Divine Beings are more straining to use than basic ones making it harder to use and understand at times. These Beings are a few years old and are able to construct a body for themselves and talk to their users and others without the use of linking minds.

Basic Stats (25 Shield, D4)
Bio: These Divine have been newly born are able to communicate their abilities and thoughts to you clearly. Easily usable but the weakest of the weakest.

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